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How to sell gold to us


1Book a meeting

You can book a meeting, which you can do by clicking here It often takes less than 10 minutes to sell your gold and get the money payed out.

2A. Sell at our shops

When you then go down to the store with your gold, our experts will, after verification, give you a final price on your gold. It is our experts’ assessment that forms the basis for how much you can get paid. When we evaluate your gold, the highest gold prices are always based on the market. 

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B. Send gold with the post for free

Of course, we pay for the freight so you don’t have to pay to ship it. It is also insured.

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3Payout right away

When you have said yes to the offer we have given you, we will conclude a contract for the sale of your gold. We put the money directly into your account and you have the money right away.

You can also pawn the gold and buy it back later


Pantsæt guld

Do you have old gold jewelry or anything else in gold? Then you can deposit your gold at PANTSAT.DK and get the money right away, and when you want, you can buy your gold back again.

If you are missing money here and now, you can easily and quickly pledge your gold to us and buy it back at a later date. This means that you can keep heirlooms or the like because you do not have to sell it to a jeweler, who still just melt it.

Here's how to pawn your gold

Apply: Once you’ve decided to pledge your gold, the first thing you need to do is apply online or take a look at our store in Copenhagen K.

Assessment: When you apply online, we make a completely non-binding assessment and, based on this, give you a price on your gold. Our experts carry out assessments so you can be sure of getting a fair price for your gold.

Payout: Before you get the money paid, we enter into a contract for the sale of your gold to us. Among other things, the contract is your guarantee and assurance that you will later have the right to buy back your gold. Once you have submitted your gold to us, the money will tap into your account immediately. After that, your gold is stored in our insured stock.

Repurchases: When you have to repurchase your gold, it is at the price we have agreed in advance. You can always repurchase your gold ahead of schedule if it becomes relevant to you. If you choose not to repurchase your gold, we consider it a sale – that is, your repurchase right lapses. But unlike payday loans and other expensive loans, you are not charged any additional costs or registered in RKI.


Benefits of pawning your gold

  • You get money here and now, but avoid paying off debt or taking out expensive loans
  • You can always buy your gold back again
  • It doesn’t matter if you are registered with RKI or have other loans – we only deal with the gold, you are filing and not your finances by the way.
  • With us you get a quick payment and you have the money as soon as you have submitted your gold.
  • We offer a flexible solution that allows you to repurchase your gold whenever you can and want
  • Compared to quick loans, PANTSALG.DK has low costs and at the same time low risk
  • You always get a fair price for your gold, which our experts set based on gold’s carat, growth and world market price  We would like to give you a fair opportunity to pledge your gold when you need to spend money. By pledging valuables when you need it, you do not have to give up your items as you can buy them back at a later date. 

    If you want to avoid selling your gold right now, you can opt to pledge it instead. It will be an advantage, both if you are in possession of heirlooms or gold jewelery and are missing money, or if you want to sell your gold at the best price. And remember that you can always check today’s gold prices here with us. 

How to sell gold to us

Submitting an application is completely mandatory, and you can either submit your application online or choose to do it in our physical store. We have made it as easy for you as possible to sell your gold to us so that you can concentrate on more important things instead. </ Span>

If you have any questions about us, what we are doing or how the process is going, you are always welcome to contact us. You can always call us on phone 71 74 30 45, send us an email at info@pantsat.dk


1. Make an appointment

Book a personal meeting in Copenhagen or Aarhus. We give you advice and evaluate your jewelry and gold

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2. (A) Visit our store

V tests the gold carat and you get the money right away. Typically only takes a few minutes

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2. (B) Send by mail

You can send your gold to us with value mail. If you do not have time to get past our store

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Today's gold price - see daily gold prices here

Gold prices vary, and there are many factors that influence the current price of gold. The price of gold depends on the price of everything else: supply and demand on the world market.

Below you can keep up with today’s gold price, where we daily give you the latest updates on the price of gold. Do you have gold in the drawer at home or would you like to know if it is the right time to either pledge or sell? So stay tuned in the table here to get the best price for your gold.

Get the best price for your gold - keep an eye on the gold price

Would you like to make sure you get the best possible price for your gold? Then it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the world market and the fluctuating price of gold. Like gold, the price of gold is something that is traded on every single day on the various world markets. And just as it is with stocks, that means the price varies every single day – the price is generally very stable, though the price can fluctuate 5-10 percent in a month.

When researching the price of gold, there are two different prices to keep an eye on: the stock price and the gold trader price.

Keep this in mind when researching gold prices:

The exchange trader price is the price in the world market of pure gold, whereas the gold trader price is the price of just gold traders and exchangers. Here the price will usually be slightly lower, as you will not get the full price here. Here you should also note that for gold of lower carat, there will be a cost of melting when sold. This is because gold can only be traded on the world market if it has a purity of 99.9 percent.

In the graphs that we update daily with the latest figures, you can keep up with the price trend of international gold prices, so you pledge, buy and sell at the right times – or if you’re just curious, how much your gold is worth at the time of writing.

How has the price of gold evolved over time?

If you want to know what your gold is worth, you should always keep an eye on gold prices. The price of gold fluctuates constantly, and depending on the world market, the price of gold will vary from day to day.

However, one does not have to be an expert to see that the gold price has risen steadily in recent years – and there are many indications that it is continuing along the same path. Unlike many other valuables, gold retains its value and therefore it may make better sense to invest in gold than stocks or expensive cars.

Gold is a good investment

While we cannot predict the future, there is one thing that is certain: Gold is highly sought after and sought after. Why there may be many good bids, but one of them is that more and more people prefer to have their values completely concrete and physical. After financial crises, stock market crashes and so on, it can give you a great deal of confidence that you know that your values are secured – and they are with gold for a very special reason. For while the price of gold can fluctuate both up and down, gold is still one of the investments that retains its value best.

Contrary to equities, gold is a safe investment, and rather than your money being worth less and less in the bank due to inflation, you might want to consider investing in gold.

What Makes Gold Value-Safe?

In times of crisis, gold tends to retain its high value. In fact, in many cases it will also be the case that the gold value will increase as the crisis rises. This is because you get your value completely concrete and physical, and these are not just some numbers in your online banking.

Europe is among the continents where gold is traded most, but in Russia, Germany and India it is very common to invest savings or excess money in gold. In fact, Indian gold is something very special and India is one of the world’s largest gold consumers. It doesn’t have to be a big investment, because with gold, a little is right too. In this way, you protect and preserve your values in a physical way, and in the long run it can become a really good business.

However, there are no guarantees, and as with all other investments, it is about making the right choices at the right times.

Would you like to avoid selling your gold? So pledge it instead

If you are in a situation where you need to take care of your physical gold savings while the gold price is not the right one to sell, you may choose to pledge your gold instead. You can always buy your gold back by appointment and you get money here and now.

In the meantime, we make sure to keep your gold safe in our insured stock and you can wait to buy your gold back until the situation changes.

Find out what carat your gold is

Do you have a piece of jewelry at home that you have doubts about the authenticity of? It can be difficult with the naked eye to see if it is a real piece of gold jewelry.

When you choose to pledge your gold jewelery with us, our assessment may differ. If you have a piece of jewelery that is both of a reputable jewelery designer that goes for high prices, this will count, while a lesser known jewelery will be assessed on the basis of the gold value of itself.


Here's how to see if your jewelry is made of real gold

Have you inherited jewelry? Or do you have jewelry lying around that you think may be in real gold? To get a specific assessment, you should seek out a professional. We always use experts when assessing your gold.

However, there are a few tips you can use to check the authenticity of your gold jewelry – which you can also use if you are spotting a beautiful piece of jewelry you suspect might be in real gold.

Here’s how to check authenticity:

  1. To make things easier for yourself, you need a jeweled seal – but a regular magnifying glass can often do it too.
  2. Find a spot with good light and look for a small metal mark on the jewelry. The mark is oval or rectangular in the same color as buckle and necklace.
  3. Look for markings on the jewelry. In the case of necklaces or bracelets, the gold mark will be proportionate.
  4. Look carefully at both sides of the brand. Here you will be able to see the purity of gold marked in carats.
  5. If you find a marking, it is real gold, and it will usually be 14 carats, ie about 58.5 percent gold, which has stamped 585. 10 carats is about 42 percent gold, but is not very common. You may also want to drop over 8 carats, which are stamped with 333. It can also be stated in decimals (for example .750, which is the same as 75 percent and therefore 18 carats).
  6. If there is an EP or GP on the brand, the necklace is coated with gold and therefore not in pure gold.
  7. If you can’t find any markings, you can also check the authenticity in another way: If the gold fades or may have already faded, it is not real gold. If the jewelery is matte and silvery in color, it is likely to be genuine gold – real gold does not fade, while plated gold necklaces can both peel and fade.

What carat gold is used in jewelry?

If you have jewelry in gold it will usually be 14 carat gold, while pure gold is designated as 24 carat. In Denmark, jewelry is usually 14 carats, while in Thailand and the Middle East it is more common to have jewelry of 21 and 22 carats. The reason for using the lower carat for jewelry is because 24 carat gold is a very soft material. 14 carat jewelry is therefore more durable. Therefore, to make jewelry, the jewelry is alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper or palladium.

It is also the alloy that gives gold other colors than the known yellowish colors, which is the only one found naturally.

PANTSAT.DK offers fair and cheap alternative to expensive loans

If you need to spend money on deposits, new cars, unexpected expenses or something else, we at PANTSAT.DK offer a fair, cheap and safe solution – as opposed to expensive loans and cash credits, which often end up doing more harm than good. With us, the whole process is fair and transparent to both parties, and you always have the opportunity to buy back your gold.

If you have to spend money, but if you are unwilling to get rid of your heirloom, wedding ring or anything else in gold, you have the option of pledging it to us, and then buying it back when you have the opportunity.

Curious to know how much you can get for your gold? Submitting an application to us is absolutely mandatory and it is therefore up to you whether you wish to accept yes or no for our offer for your gold.

Pawn your gold at PANTSAT.DK - and buy it back later

At PANTSAT.DK you get a low cost, fair and simple way to get your money right away without having to sell your gold completely.

If you have any questions about our service or possible pledging of other items, you are always welcome to contact us on phone 71 74 30 45 or e-mail info@pantsat.dk.

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