It is crucial for us that you are comfortable using our service. For many of our customers, it is important that their sale and repurchase of valuables with us can take place without the knowledge of third parties.

We do everything to ensure the privacy of our customers. It includes, inter alia, that

  • All PANTSAT.DK employees are subject to confidentiality,
  • We keep all customer information secure and locked,
  • we do not disclose information about previous owners of valuables in cases where we are forced to resell the valuables to third parties,
  • Private meeting rooms in Copenhagen

    We have an office close to our store where we would be able to handle private appointments.

    Do you want a private visit to the store?

    Some of our customers want a private visit to the store to make sure the outside world is not aware of their visit. This is no problem.

    Among other things, we can offer that:

    • lock the store for you,
    • street view screens, and
    • Lock in at our back door.
    • Want a private visit? Call us at +45 71 74 30 45, and we will find the right solution for you.

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