Børsen - 26. februar 2019

Young entrepreneurial trio has dusted off the old pawn broker business, with Pantsat.dk aiming to give quick loans to the line and in particular be a shortcut to quick liquidity for the financial elite

Pantsat i Børsen
Pantsat.dk Samvirke

Samvirke - 23. december 2019

Pawn loan does not give you debt

If you are looking for quick money but do not want to take out bad debt, you can go to a mortgage lender. Unlike other types of loans, a pawn broker is not possible to incur debt. Here you put your valuables and get a sum of money right back. Later you can get your valuables back for a higher price.

Børsen - 20 marts 2020

Many customers still experience a stigma by pledging items. Therefore, Pantsat.dk, which has a store in the middle of a shopping street in Copenhagen, has the opportunity to give customers a discreet entrance along a back road. Here the founder and manager of the business


Finanswatch - 23 Februar 2019

New pawnbroker reaches break-even after three months

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